Your question: When did Britain colonize Indonesia?

In 1814 the British arrived in Indonesia and took over colonial power from the Dutch.

When did the British colonize Indonesia?

History. English sailors first reached what is now Indonesia in the 16th century, when Sir Francis Drake reached Moluccas in 1579 on his circum-globe journey.

When was Indonesia colonized?

In 1596 the first Dutch vessels anchored at the shores of West Java. Over the next three centuries, the Dutch gradually colonized this archipelago until it became known as the Dutch East Indies.

Did the French colonize Indonesia?

During Napoleonic Wars the Netherlands was fell under French Empire, thus also its possessions in East Indies. For a short period between 1806 and 1811, Indonesia once belonged under French administration. … Indonesia also adopted the Napoleonic Continental legal system through Dutch intermediary.

Why did the Dutch Takeover Indonesia?

The Dutch arrived in Indonesia in 1595 looking for natural resources and a place to take over.

What did Daendels do to Indonesia?

Daendels strengthened Javanese defenses, raised new forces, built new roads within Java, and improved the internal administration of the island.

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