You asked: Which among the 3 major island groups in the Philippines has the greatest number of potentially active volcanoes?

Luzon is the main island of the Philippines and contains most of its active volcanoes.

Which among the three major island groups in the Philippines has greatest number of potentially active volcanoes?

The majority of the active volcanoes are located in the island of Luzon. The six most active volcanoes are Mayon, Hibok-Hibok, Pinatubo, Taal, Kanlaon and Bulusan.

Which region has the most potentially active volcanoes?

Indonesia has the highest number of active volcanoes in the world and is one of the places in the world that are located within the Pacific Ring of Fire. This is a 25,000 mile (40,000km) horseshoe-shaped region that borders the Pacific Ocean, where countless tectonic plates clash.

What are the potentially active volcanoes in Visayas?


Name Elevation Last eruption
Cabalian 945
Cancajanag 900
Cuernos de Negros 1862 12,000 BC
Mahagnao 800 ?

How many potentially active volcanoes are in Mindanao?

Volcanoes of Mindanao (20)

Which country has no volcano?

On our planet, there are many countries that do not have Volcanoes in their country. such countries which do not have volcanoes are Nigeria, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Somalia, Morocco, Tunisia, Liberia, Norway, Denmark, Wales, Finland, Sweden, and Australia.

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What is the 23 active volcanoes in the Philippines?

Volcanoes of the Philippines

Item No. Name of Volcano Province
21 Pinatubo Boundaries of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales in Luzon
22 Ragang Lanao del Sur and Cotobato in Mindanao
23 Smith Babuyan Island Group, Cagayan in Luzon
24 Taal Batangas in Luzon
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