You asked: How many people in Vietnam have mobile phones?

Smartphone penetration in Vietnam has doubled since 2014 and there are now 51 million smartphones, representing over 80% of the 15 plus aged population. In rural Vietnam, 89% of the population have mobile phones, with 68% of these owning a smartphone.

Do people in Vietnam have phones?

As of third quarter 2019, around 94 percent of the adult population in Vietnam owned mobile phones. In that period, internet users in Vietnam spent about six hours and 30 minutes on using the internet.

Apple is the most popular smartphone brand in Vietnam. About 46% of respondents believe that Apple is the most popular in Vietnam. The Q&Me report more specifically stated that the “iPhone has the highest NPS score (75%), followed by Samsung and Oppo (64% and 41% respectively).

How much of Vietnam has Internet?

Internet users in Vietnam

Internet penetration in Vietnam stood at 70.3% in January 2021.

Are phones made in Vietnam good?

A smartphone made at the factory in Vietnam isn’t inherently better than the one made in Indonesia. That’s because these factories are only really assembling the devices. They all get the same components and follow the same manufacturing and quality processes.

Which phone made in Vietnam?

Samsung has a big manufacturer in Vietnam, and there are many Samsung products, including the Galaxy Note 3, which is made in Vietnam. These products are all original.

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Which country has most iPhone users?

Countries with highest and lowest number of iPhone users per region

Region Highest
The Americas Canada and the US 56%
Asia and Oceania Japan 70%
Europe Sweden 54%
Middle East Kuwait 31%
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