You asked: Can Vietnamese understand Cambodian?

Many Cambodians and Laotians can also understand Vietnamese. However, Vietnamese cannot understand the other three languages. In fact, Vietnamese alphabet is Latin (abcdef… xy) while the other three have ethnic scripts.

How similar is Vietnamese to Cambodian?

Very different, although they are related. Both belong to the same language family, although in different branches. Both Vietnamese and Khmer are Austro-Asiatic languages. Other languages belonging to this family are Mon, Wa and Palaung, for instance.

Can Thais understand Cambodian?

That being said, all 3 languages were heavily influenced by Sanskrit and Pali (hence, the similarity in the written alphabets and certain words). Due to the geographic and cultural proximity, both Lao and Cambodia consume a lot of Thai media. For the most part, many Laotians and Khmer can understand Thai.

According to ethnologue, Vietnamese, Mon and Khmer belong to the same language family, viz. Austro-Asiatic. Thai and Lao belong to a completely different language family, viz. Tai-Kadai.

Are Cambodian and Thai the same?

The two countries share the same historical roots dating back to the old Khmer civilization, which manifest in their similar languages, cultures, and socio-ethnic features. In fact, the Thai royal language is derived from Khmer words and the two languages still retain the same Pali-Sanskrit roots.

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Is Thailand cheaper than Cambodia?

Cambodia is cheaper than Thailand.

You will find that your money goes farther there than Thailand. Things like food, drinks, hotels, taxi, and partying with the women are cheaper. But keep in mind, this all comes at a price. Thailand is much more developed, especially in the major cities.

Why do Thai and Vietnamese sound similar?

Since ancient times, Thai and Vietnamese have been affecting each other. Both the languages have been heavily influenced by Chinese vocabulary, which is why they may sound similar. Their shared history is the reason why the two languages seem similar to most people.

Which is harder Thai or Vietnamese?

Vietnamese has more tones and dipthongs, so pronunciation is harder. Also some of the word order is swapped, so Vietnamese grammar is harder than Thai. Thai is harder to read and write, because of the script and multiple consonants.

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