Why Okada Manila is popular?

Situated in Entertainment City within the Manila Bay Freeport Zone, Okada Manila’s prime location allows its guests easy travel to the nation’s beautiful islands, making the resort a popular destination among visitors from Hong Kong, mainland China, South Korea and Japan.

What makes Okada Manila unique?

It boasts a real white-sand beach, lily pads, daybeds, luxurious locker and shower room facilities for all guests, a UV-protected beach club, a sunset deck overlooking the bay, a 700-sqm butterfly pool, two expansive stages, and five distinct bars offering unique artisanal cocktails for a more modern resort feel.

What are the target market of Okada Manila?

The Okada Manila in the Philippines has become a target of unscrupulous persons who are trying to take advantage of the desperate need of some to get away for a while and are selling hotel stays at the casino resort.

Is it free to enter Okada Manila?

There is no fee to enter the casino or the mall.

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