Why Indonesians have no surnames?

No. See, in Indonesia we don’t have strict naming convention. It means that parents can choose to give surname to their children. It is all depends on the parents really.

Why do Indonesians have 1 name?

The Javanese, who represent about 40 percent of Indonesia’s population and account for the nation’s largest single ethnic group, tend to favor one name. For example, the Javanese leader Sukarno has a daughter named Megawati (who rose to become vice president) — but she had a “suffix” surname, Sukarnoputri.

What cultures don’t use surnames?

In the case of historical figures, it may be the only one of the individual’s names that has survived and is still known today. Most Afghans have no surname; it is also common to have no surname in Bhutan, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the south of India.

Do Indonesians not have last names?

Indonesian naming traditions. Most Indonesians do not have family names. Both men and women usually have a given name and then take the name of their father as a last name. Some, but not all, married Indonesian women take the last name of their husband.

Can you legally have no name?

In the United States, going without a name is not inherently illegal. Police won’t arrest you for not having a name. … For instance, you need a legal name on a birth certificate or social security card to obtain a driver’s license or passport, open a bank account and get a job.

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Can I have no last name?

Yes, but you cannot leave your child without a last name when naming them. If you choose to change your name you can choose not to have a last name (and many states requirements may differ), but you would usually be expected to have a good reason for this.

Is Mono a boy name?

Mono – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Which country has the most surnames?

France probably has the greatest variety of surnames of any country in the world : about 900,000, including foreign names. Italy comes second with 350,000.

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