Why Indonesian currency has Lord Ganesha?

The reason for the image of Lord Ganesha on the currency can be the association of the people with the Hinduism religion. Note that the Indonesian government has officially recognised six religions- Islam, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

Why Indonesian currency has Lord Ganesha Quora?

Indonesians believe that Lord Ganesh is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge, and thus it is very proper and fitting to have him as a manifestation of God’s wisdom and knowledge within the context of education. Thus Lord Ganesh was depicted in the Rp. 20.000 note together with Ki Hajar Dewantara, our educational pioneer.

Does Ganesha bring money?

Lord Ganesha, or Bappa as he is fondly addressed is associated with wisdom and knowledge. He is also considered as the destroyer of evil and the remover of obstacles and his worship is believed to bring in prosperity, wealth, and growth in the life of devotees. We often find offices adorned with Ganesha’s idol.

Is Ganesha god of wealth?

Lord Ganesha among the various powerful Hindu Gods is said to be the god of prosperity and wealth. Lord Ganesha is believed to bring good luck and thus he is worshipped before anything new is started.

Why is Indonesian currency so weak?

Due to the low value of the (older series) notes below 1,000 rupiah, although they are no longer being circulated, some remain in use in increasingly poor condition, as low denomination uang pasar (literally “market money”), outside the banking system for use in informal transactions.

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Do Muslims believe in Ganesha?

Muslims like me may not worship Ganesha as a God but the sense of reverence for this deity exists in the mind of every Maharashtrian and especially every Punekar like me. … Ganesha is the one deity that can be represented in a wide range of poses and depictions and no sentiments would get “hurt” or “offended”.

Is Ganesha good luck?

Ganesha is believed to bring his worshipers good luck, and many Hindus keep images or sculptures of Ganesha in their homes.

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