Why GenSan is the tuna capital of the Philippines?

As early as 1970, General Santos City has been called as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines” since it has a total daily catch that can surpass any other fish ports in the country combined or not. As the tuna capital of the Philippines, it boasts the most modern fish port in the country and aids the local economy.

What is GenSan known for?

General Santos City or “GenSan” is in the province of South Cotabato in the Philippines. It is a highly urbanized city located at the southern portion of South Cotabato, but perhaps its biggest claim to fame is that boxer Manny Pacquiao is a native. It is known as “The Tuna Capital of the Philippines”.

What kind of tuna is in GenSan?

Tuna caught and landed in General Santos City are approximately 45% of tuna are approximately skipjack, 25% yellowfin, and 23% frigate and bullet tuna. In 2014, about 47% of the total fish landed in General Santos City were frozen tuna, of which more than 70% of which came from foreign vessels.

Is General Santos safe for foreigners?

It’s a safe place for foreigners. Just make sure when you go around you have someone with you that knows the place. Right now i have a friend from germany whose staying in gensan for a month. He checked in at East Asia Royal hotel, thats the only Good hotel in the area.

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