Which BTS member is popular in Thailand?

In Thailand, V, Jungkook and Jimin lead the numbers with 26 percent, 24 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

1 on YouTube’s top 100 worldwide searches. Fans of the Bangtan Boys, the BTS ARMY is shaking up Twitter by trending ‘GLOBAL ICON JUNGKOOK’, ‘#WorldwideITBoyJK’ and ‘#jungkook’.

What BTS most favorite country?

BTS Most Favourite Country – FAQs

BTS Most Favourite Country
Ranking Country
1 Philippines
2 South Korea
3 Indonesia

What does BTS like in a girl?

1)A girl with long straight hair,sexy that can converse with him for a long time & with a good voice. 2)Smart feminine girl,tall with a sexy also in shape with her body & takes really good care of appearance/hygiene. 3) A flirty, friendly, calm,relaxed in her skin through & with a sexy brain.

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