Where can I drink in Singapore during the day?

Are bars allowed to open in Singapore?

Restrictions on dining in restaurants and bars will be lifted and gyms allowed to re-open with group sizes of up to two. All F&B establishments must strictly observe safe distancing of one metre between diners and recorded music will not be allowed to discourage diners from talking loudly.

Can you buy alcohol after 10pm in Singapore?

Under the law, drinking is banned in all public places from 10.30pm to 7am. Retail shops are also not allowed to sell takeaway alcohol from 10.30pm to 7am. … Shops within the zones are also not allowed to sell takeaway alcohol from 7pm on weekends, the eve of a public holiday and the holiday itself.

Is buffet allowed in Singapore?

Are restaurants allowed to have buffets? No, self-service buffets and buffet line catering are not allowed and must be suspended.

When can pubs reopen Singapore?

SINGAPORE – A small-scale pilot to allow some bars and pubs to reopen has been extended by two more months to April 7, but will not be extended to more outlets.

Are hotels open during circuit breaker?

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has announced on Tuesday, 20 July 2021 that hotels are still permitted to providing accommodation to guests for the purpose of leisure, aka Staycations. … TLDR: Yes, staycations are still allowed, but with restrictions to the usage of certain hotel facilities and dining options.

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Where do the rich hang out in Singapore?

The wealthy neighbourhoods

However Orchard Road and Emerald Hill are two of the swankiest places where the wealthiest of the Singapore live as well as shop, dine and generally hang out.

Where do expats stay in Singapore?

To help you get ahead in your house-hunt, we’ve put together a guide to the most desirable neighbourhoods in Singapore for expatriates.

  • Holland Village (District 10) …
  • Orchard Road (District 9) …
  • Tiong Bahru (District 3) …
  • Tanjong Pagar (District 2) …
  • Sentosa (District 4) …
  • East Coast (Districts 15 and 16) …
  • Woodlands (District 25)

Where can I meet cute guys in Singapore?

Bars To Meet/Network With Professionals In Central Singapore

  • Atlas Bar.
  • The Mad Men Attic Bar.
  • 1-Altitude Rooftop Gallery & Bar.
  • Loof.
  • Lantern.
  • Overeasy at Fullerton.
  • 28 Hongkong Street.
  • No. 5 Emerald Hill.
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