What poisonous snakes live in Thailand?

Thailand has an abundance of venomous snakes. Among the neurotoxic family Elapidae, there are three species of the genus Naja (cobras), three of the genus Bungarus (kraits), and the king cobra of the genus Ophiophagus. Other Elapidae snakes in Thailand include sea snakes and Asian coral snakes of the genus Calliophis.

Are there poisonous snakes in Bangkok?

Most snakes found in Bangkok are not poisonous, Pinyo said, and the two venomous types – cobras and green pit vipers – are uncommon.

Are there snakes everywhere in Thailand?

Snakes exist all over Thailand. You probably won’t see one on your trip, but you might. I think you’re probably actually more likely to see a snake in a town or village in Thailand than in the jungle, since they’re more conspicuous on roads than they are in the middle of the jungle. Snakes don’t like people.

What snakes are found in Thailand?

Thailand is home to over 200 species of snakes. In Bangkok, most sightings feature cobras, the green pit viper, pythons, sunbeam snakes, golden tree snakes, red-tailed pipe snakes and the copperhead racer. Most of these are non-venomous.

Can Vipers jump?

Snakes cannot jump, but instead lunge forward from a coiled position at an accelerated speed.

Are there poisonous animals in Thailand?

Dangerous wild animals are not a serious concern for travelers to Thailand. … Thailand has poisonous snakes, scorpions, centipedes and jellyfish. If you see a centipede, do not try to hold it or touch it, they have an extremely painful sting and if you are stung by one, you will be off your feet for days.

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