What is the story of F4 Thailand?

For those who are new to the series, the story is about a teenage girl who meets the four members of F4, a group of four wealthy & popular teenage boys. As she gets to know F4, she gets involved in a love triangle between two best friends.

Does Jing like Lei?

The next night, Jing questioned Lei on whether he had feelings for Shan Cai. Lei was hurt and told Jing that he actually liked her, before kissing her.

Does Shancai get pregnant?

So Shancai gives the Daoming mansion over to his sister (it was too painful to stay there without him anyway), and moves in with Lei. A few months later, she finds out she is pregnant with Si’s baby.

What does Hua Ze Lei mean in English?

Hua-Ze-Lei – Detailed Meaning. The name of Hua-Ze-Lei brings some very practical qualities into your nature. By creating strength and determination, this name gives you the ability to make your own decisions and to stand by them with firm conviction.

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