What is the meaning of rod in the Philippines?

1. ROD. Registry of Deeds. Government, Registry, County. Government, Registry, County.

What is Rod in the Philippines?

Register of Deeds (ROD)

What does Rod mean?


Acronym Definition
ROD Ride or Die
ROD Ring of Death (X-Box defect)
ROD Read or Die (anime)
ROD Registrar of Deeds (various locations)

What does Rod mean in government?

A Record of Decision (ROD) in the United States is the formal decision document which is recorded for the public.

What is the full form of rod?

Relief of Duty. Military and Defence. ROD. Remote Operated Door(s) Space Science.

How much is the steel bar in the Philippines?

List of Construction Prices for Concreting Works Philippines

Concreting Works
Steel Bars
10mm Diameter Deformed Bars pc 156.00
12mm Diameter Deformed Bars pc 221.00

What is Rod in military?

ROD. relieved of duty + 1 variant. Army, War. Army, War. 0.

What is Rod mood?

A feeling of cheerfulness and disinclination to work, supposed to set in once a soldier’s ROD approaches. 1985 Michael Chiang Army Daze 48 ROD mood. Feeling of euphoria that overcomes most NS men when they feel freedom is near. … Some soldiers are possessed by the ROD mood from the day of their enlistment.

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What does Rod mean as a friend?

ROD, for ride or die, can be seen as a hashtag #ROD on social media as a convenient proclamation of loyalty, no matter what, to one’s compadres.

What does Rod stand for in Singapore?

ROD (Run Out Date)

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