What is the characteristics of Sa paper in Laos?

The Saa paper pulp will be sun dried to the sieve material before being processed into traditional saa paper. Saa paper feels rough and dry, but porous and light, it has a texture of fibers that overlap in the form of a spider’s web.

What are the characteristics of Laos folk arts?

Traditional Laotian handicrafts include weaving and carving. Women weave colourful cloth of cotton or silk that is worn as a long, wrap-around skirt. The intricate patterns may include gold or silver thread. The patterns depict river dragons, flowing water or a mythical creature that is part-lion, part-elephant.

What are the uses of paper handicrafts of Laos?

Traditionally sa paper was used for calligraphy and for making festive temple decorations, umbrellas, fans and kites. In former times it was also used as a filter in the manufacture of lacquerware.

What is SA paper made of?

Sa paper, made from the bark of the Sa — or mulberry — tree is traditionally made by hand around Luang Prabang. you can watch villagers making posa paper (from mulberry bark).

What religion is Laos?

Theravada Buddhism is the dominant religion of the ethnic or “lowland” Lao, who constitute 53.2 percent of the overall population. According to the LFNC and MOHA, the remainder of the population comprises at least 48 ethnic minority groups, most of which practice animism and ancestor worship.

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What is the art influence of Laos?

Theravada Buddhism and Hinduism have been major influences on the cultural and intellectual life of Laos. The story of the Buddha and Hindu myths are the subjects of the carvings and sculptures found in all religious places.

What are the fabric design of Laos?

Laos is famous for its hand-grown, spun, dyed, handwoven cotton and silk fabrics made by Lao village women; silk and cotton making process, dyeing and weaving near Vientiane. The production of Lao silk is extremely labor-intensive, and it shows in the fine weave and subtle, yet rich colors.

What are the two main types of Cambodian weaving?

Two main types of Cambodian weaving are ikat technique, complex patterned fabrics with tie-dyed portions of the weft yarn, and uneven twill created with single or two colour fabrics created with weaving three different threads. Textile weaving has seen a major revival in recent years.

What is the meaning of Sa paper?

What is the full meaning of SA in Paper? Full meaning of SA is “Summative Assessments“.

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