What gems come from Myanmar?

Apart from its world-renowned rubies, Myanmar has produced several other interesting gemstone materials. The Mogok Stone Tract has produced spinel, apatite, scapolite, moonstone, zircon, garnet, iolite and amethyst gemstones. There are also lapis lazuli and peridot mines in this area.

Does Myanmar have diamonds?

Within Myanmar, significant quantities of diamonds have been recovered from two areas, Momeik in the northern part of the country and Theindaw in the southern part. A few diamonds also have been found in gravels in the Taungoo–Htantabin area (Fig. 1).

Does Myanmar have rubies?

General Appearance. Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is world famous for Burmese Rubies (sometimes used as a trade term for finest quality rubies, and not always indicative of geographical origin).

Where can I buy rubies in Myanmar?

Usually Bogyoke Market is a safe place to buy for foreigners if you are buying a crafted one. Or you can buy the raw Ruby gem stones in Myanmar Gems Museum at Kaba Aye Pagoda Road. Rubies are mined from Mogoke, in Shan State and it’s a prohibited area for foreigners.

Are rubies illegal?

Since 2003, the United States government has banned the importation of gemstones from Burma (Myanmar), especially valuable ruby and jadeite. … It is now legal to import Burmese ruby and jade to the US.

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