What do Indonesian people call themselves?

Even before around 1960, Indonesian people are also called themselves as indon. However, as the relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia became worse, the term is usually used to insult Indonesian people and has derogatory meaning. Indonesian people usually pronounce Indonesia as In-do-ne-si-a.

How do you address an Indonesian man?

It is also customary to use Pak, Bapak, or Saudara to address men and Bu, Saudari, or Ibu to address women. Pak and Bapak are literally translated as “father”. Bapak is more formal and is used much like the English word, “sir”. Saudara (for men) or Saudari (for women) is another term of greater respect and formality.

Where is the capital of Indonesia?

Why Indonesia has no surname?

No. See, in Indonesia we don’t have strict naming convention. It means that parents can choose to give surname to their children. It is all depends on the parents really.

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