What accounts for the cultural differences between Vietnamese and Chinese?

The difference between Chinese and Vietnamese is that Chinese are centered around family, are individualistic and more male-oriented whereas Vietnamese are centered around family and country, are collectivistic and more female-oriented culture.

How can you tell the difference between Chinese and Vietnamese?

Vietnam and China have separate and distinct languages. Both are tonal, but Vietnamese uses six tones while Chinese only uses four. … The written language is also different. Both Mandarin and Cantonese use Chinese characters, whereas Vietnamese uses a modified Roman alphabet, similar to English.

How did China influence Vietnam culturally?

So from the beginning, the Chinese did leave some legacies in Vietnam culture, legacies like rice farming. … As the Han conquered parts of Vietnam, they brought in Chinese cultural practices and built Chinese settlements. Eventually, in 111 BCE the Han dynasty defeated Nam Viet and incorporated it into the empire.

What do Vietnam and China have in common?

China and Vietnam have a lot in common because of this cultural influence. Most of Chinese culture and tradition have been adopted by Vietnamese. Language – chinese loanwords make up the majority of Vietnamese vocabulary, much like Latin in relation to English. Many idioms and proverbs taken from Chinese.

What is the culture and tradition of Vietnam?

Besides folk religion, religion in Vietnam has historically been a mix of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, known in Vietnamese as the Tam Giáo (“the three religions”). Catholicism is also practiced in modern Vietnam. Ancestor worship and filial piety is commonly practised amongst the older generation of Vietnamese.

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What are the influence of the Chinese to Vietnam?

China’s cultural influence forms only one layer of Vietnam’s cultural identity. The most important and substantial element still rests with indigenous norms, customs and practices, while Vietnam’s cultural borrowings from Southeast Asia and the West form yet another layer.

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