Quick Answer: Are Thai sapphires valuable?

This is not to say that sapphires from Thailand are all somehow enhanced, its just being responsible for such a large proportion of the gem industry by nature people are always looking at taking stones of little value and enhancing them chemically to increase there value ( much like people who counter fit money or …

Are gemstones from Thailand real?

Almost all color gemstones rough from around the world come to Thailand. They get cut, treated and manufactured to jewelry because of their strong expertise. Thai craftsmen are consider the best cutters in the world. … The major source for expensive color gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and jade.

Are sapphires found in Thailand?

Thailand Sapphire Mining

In the environs of Chanthaburi, a famous mining area in the southeastern corner of the country, sapphires were discovered as villagers planted their crops. … The Kanchanaburi mines yield blue, yellow, pink, and star sapphires, and production has featured a revival to Thailand’s sapphire trade.

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