Is Jai a Thai name?

Jai is one of the most used words in Thai. This one word means mind or heart but combined with other adjectives, verbs or nouns, it usually means state of mind. … This word doesn’t mean selfish though.

What does Nam Jai mean?

He used to think the word “nam jai”, which means kindness or thoughtfulness, to describe the decency of Thai people but said he knew nowadays it opened the way for selfishness, the writer wrote.

What does Na Ka in Thai mean?

It is a politeness particle. It can mean “please” or “ “thank you” but the exact meaning goes from the situation(context). You can be sure someone is very polite when using “na ka”.

What does Sabai Jai mean in Thai?

Jai is a very important word.. Sabai Jai is a happy feeling.. … indicating worry-free state of mind. The opposite is Mai Sabai Jai: trouble, trouble, trouble..

What is Nam in Thai?

The Thai word ‘nam’ (น้ำ) means water or something related to it like liquid or fluid (in case the image didn’t ruin the surprise). You can imagine that the word for water appears often in the Thai language. … Water in Thai culture is also very important.

What is 555 in Thai mean?

The number five in Thailand ห้า sounds like Ha. So, 555 = HaHaHa.

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How do you know if a Thai girl loves you?

The personality traits of Thai girls can be conservative and shy, especially if they are “good” girls. … A Thai girl will have no problem smiling at you, coming near you, or flat out approaching you when she wants to know you more. Yes, even those shy “good” girls will giggle and smile at you when they like you.

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