How much is rabies shot in Malaysia?

GEORGE TOWN: Anti-rabies vaccination for humans is available at private hospitals but each jab cost RM500 or more. Penang Health Committee chairman Dr Afif Bahardin said each person needs three jabs and the vaccination is not available at government hospitals.

How much does a rabies shot usually cost?

This vaccine is usually required by state law. (Some clinics include the cost of the rabies vaccination.) For those who don’t have health insurance, the rabies shot cost will vary anywhere from $400 to as much as $1,400 per shot.

How much does it cost to vaccinate a dog in Malaysia?


Expense Dogs Cats
Vaccination RM50-100 per vaccine RM40-80 per vaccine
Deworming RM10-20 per tablet RM10-20 per tablet
Heartworm prevention RM15 per month (tablet)
Pet food RM50-200 per month RM50-200 per month

Is Malaysia free of rabies?

The revision and refinement of the National Rabies Control Programme has finally eradicated rabies in Malaysia . This has been demonstrated by the fact that there has been no rabies incidence in Malaysia since 1999 .

How soon do you need rabies vaccine?

The first dose should be given as soon as possible after the exposure. Additional doses should be given on days three, seven, and 14 after the first shot. These shots should be given in the deltoid muscle of the arm.

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Does Malaysia have rabies?

Rabies has been known to occur in Malaysia since 1884. 1945, and subsequently in Selangor in 1952, prompted a National Rabies Control Programme of compulsory vaccination of all dogs and a rigorous programme of destruction of stray dogs.

Is Selangor rabies-free?

Malaysia was declared free from rabies by the World Animal Health Organisation in 2013 with the last record of a human case in 1998 and a canine case in 1999.

Which countries are rabies-free?

Countries generally recognised as rabies-free countries are: American Samoa, Antigua, Aruba, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, England, Fiji, French Polynesia (Tahiti), Guam, Hawaii, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Malta, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Saint Lucia, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, St.

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