How much is diesel in Thailand?

Thailand Diesel prices Liter Gallon
THB 26.040 98.572
USD 0.778 2.945
EUR 0.663 2.510

Which country has the cheapest diesel?

Iceland is the top country by diesel price in the world. As of 2016, diesel price in Iceland was 1.63 US dollars per liter. The top 5 countries also includes Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Italy.

How much is a diesel fuel?

As of July 2018, the national average for a gallon of gasoline was $2.88. Diesel is averaging $3.17.

Which country has highest price of diesel?

The Countries with the Most Expensive Diesel

  • Iceland. Price per litre: 131p. …
  • Denmark. Price per litre: 133p. …
  • Sweden. Price per litre: 135p. …
  • Israel. Price per litre: 138p. …
  • United Kingdom. Price per litre: 141p. …
  • Turkey. Price per litre: 144p. …
  • Italy. Price per litre: 147p. …
  • Norway. Price per litre: 150p. And in at number one!

What is petrol rate in Pakistan today?

As of now, the new price for petrol will be Rs 118.09 per litre, diesel will be Rs 116.5 per litre in the country. Meanwhile, the prices of kerosene and light-diesel oil (LDO) were increased by Rs 1.39 and Rs 1.27, respectively. The new price of kerosene will be Rs 87.14 and that of LDO will be Rs 84.67.

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Which country has lowest petrol price?

Petrol prices in USD, EURO and INR

Rank Country Gasoline/Petrol Prices per liter
USD ($)
1 Venezuela 0.02
2 Iran 0.07
3 Angola 0.25

Is fuel free in Iraq?

Associated gas currently makes 70% of total gas reserves in the country, with the rest being free gas, Younis said.

What is the price of diesel in Nepal?

If we look at the prices of petrol and diesel, there is a difference of Rs 25 to Rs 30 in the prices in India and Nepal. In Indian territories, the price of petrol is ₹ 97.29 paise and diesel ₹ 90.30 paise per litre, while in Nepal petrol is available for ₹78 (125 Nepali currency) and diesel ₹66 per litre.

Why diesel is expensive?

Regular unleaded fuel is cheaper at the pump than diesel, in comparison to petrol, diesel prices aren’t cheap. Diesel engines can be more expensive to service, with their fuel system components often costing many times more than the equivalent part for a petrol engine.

Is diesel going to get more expensive?

The national average price of diesel spiked by 5.8 cents per gallon, more than twice the previous high for the year, according to the Energy Information Administration’s weekly data released Nov. 16.

Should I get diesel or gas truck?

While diesel trucks tend to offer more torque, more towing power, higher gas mileage, and longer-lasting performance, gas trucks are generally lighter, faster, and better at handling heavy payloads. Ultimately, your choice will depend completely on your needs.

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