How much is Bath and Body Works in the Philippines?

Top 10 products Price Store
Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist ₱ 259.00 Shopee
Bath & Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream ₱ 265.00 Lazada
Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist Cucumber Melon ₱ 259.00 Shopee
Bath & Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream Dark Kiss ₱ 569.00 Lazada

Is Bath and Body Works expensive?

If you look at Bath & Body works prices, you will find that they are significantly higher than the average market price, especially with this hand soup and shower gel stuff.

How much does Bath and Body Works sell?

Bath & Body Works generated net sales amounting to 6.43 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, up from 5.36 billion U.S. dollars the previous year. As its name suggests, Bath & Body Works is a U.S.-based retailer specializing in body care products and home fragrances.

Why Bath and Body Works is bad for you?

It’s been linked to inhalation toxicity, allergies and possible neurotoxicity. Many Bath & Body Works products are dyed with artificial colors which are made from petroleum. You’ll find this on the label as ingredients like Yellow #5, Red #40, and Blue #1. SLES has been linked to cancer, and SLS irritates the skin.

What Bath and Body Works scent do guys like?

Also question is, what scent do guys like from Bath and Body Works? Other man grabbing smells include cinnamon, vanilla, frankincense and lavender. There are numerous perfumes on the market containing these notes. Here are a variety of tantalizing examples from Bath and Body Works.

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Is Body Spray the same as cologne?

Body sprays are antiperspirant products and are generally used in areas where there is a lot of sweating. Cologne should be used in places where there is less sweating. Cologne is usually sprayed behind the ear and at the wrist artery.

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