How is public holiday pay calculated in Malaysia?

As per Employment Act 1955 (Malaysia), the employee shall be paid at a rate not less than 1.5 times his/her hourly rate for overtime work in excess of the normal work hours. For work on a rest day the pay shall be no less than 2.0 times the hourly rate, and on a public holiday no less than 3.0 times the hourly rate.

How do you calculate public holiday pay?

Casual employees who work on a public holiday are to be paid at the rate of double time and three quarters (275%) of the ordinary/base rate of pay, with a minimum of two hours at that rate.

How is public holiday calculated in Malaysia?

For example, if you are usually earning RM20 per day, working on a public holiday entitles you to RM60 per day. This calculation is based on the holiday pay (RM20) + two days’ wages at ordinary rate of pay (RM20 x 2 = RM40).

Is public holiday a paid day in Malaysia?

You are entitled to 11 paid public holidays a year in accordance with the Employment Act. If you are required to work on a public holiday, your employer should pay you an extra day’s salary or grant you off in lieu.

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What are the gazetted public holidays in Malaysia?

Public Holidays in Malaysia

  • Chinese New Year.
  • Wesak Day.
  • Hari Raya Aidilfitri – 2 days Merdeka Day (31 August)
  • Hari Raya Haji.
  • Agong’s Birthday.
  • Malaysia Day (16 September)
  • Deepavali.
  • Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday.

Do public holidays affect pay?

Employees (except casual employees) who normally work on the day a public holiday falls will be paid their base pay rate for the ordinary hours they would have worked if they had not been away because of the public holiday. The base pay rate doesn’t include: any incentive-based payments.

How do you calculate double time and a half?

How to Calculate Double Time Pay in California

  1. Total single-shift hours less than or equal to 12 hours – (minus) 8 = Time paid at overtime rate.
  2. Total single-shift hours more than 12 hours – (minus) 12 = Time paid at double-time rate.

In conclusion it can be said that so far, there is no legal framework on double or multiple employment in Malaysia. While there is a clear prohibition in India, sometimes however, the employee is allowed to engage in another job if he gets prior consent from his employer.

Can employer reduce salary in Malaysia?

Primarily, employers are not permitted to deduct employees’ wages or to impose a pay cut, without first obtaining the employees’ consent. However, employers may set a pay cut or deduct employee’ salaries employees under certain circumstances.

What if public holiday falls on Sunday in Malaysia?

If the public falls on a Sunday, the following working day, Monday, will automatically be a paid public holiday. If an employee has to work on a holiday for business reasons, they can be given another day off or paid double their ordinary wages. Overtime work on holidays must be paid at triple rates.

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Is Christmas public holiday in Malaysia?

Christmas is a Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus. … More broadly, Malaysian society celebrates Christmas with colourful displays in shopping malls for one or two months before Christmas Day and with a public holiday on the 25th December.

Is compassionate leave compulsory in Malaysia?

Sick Leave: 14 days per year for the first 2 years of service. … Marriage Leave: 5 days leave for first legal marriage per employment. • Compassionate Leave: 3 consecutive working days on the death of their immediate family member.

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