How do you pronounce ao dai in Vietnamese?

How do you say Dai in Vietnamese?

Not surprisingly, English language dictionaries such as Oxford Dictionaries indicate ao dai as the pronunciation. However, the original Vietnamese word, áo dài, actually has two different pronunciations: In the North of the country, it is ao zai. In the South, it is ao yai.

What is ao dai in English?

ao dai in American English

(ˈau ˈdai, ˈɔ ˈdai) nounWord forms: plural ao dais. a costume composed of a long tunic with side slits over wide trousers, worn by Vietnamese women as traditional dress. [‹ Vietnamese áo dài lit., long garment]

Why Ao Dai is beautiful?

It is the national costume of Vietnam, symbolizing beauty and elegance. Though the modern ao dai has many versions, such as those with shorter panels and different collar shapes (round, V or open), the typical female ao dai is a tight-fitting long silk dress with long sleeves that is worn over long pants.

Why do Vietnamese wear Ao Dai?

In the traditional festivals in Vietnam, especially the royal rites, the old men often wear Ao Dai to carry out the ceremonies. Moreover, in the important meetings with foreign partners, the Vietnamese women wear Ao Dai Vietnam to show their respect.

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