Has the Golden Bell of Myanmar been found?

In August the BBC featured the story of Myanmar’s Dhammazedi Bell which had been lost for over 400 years. A team has now claimed that they have found it in a river in Yangon, but there is no hard evidence to back up their claims. Jonah Fisher reports.

Has the Golden Bell of King Dhammazedi been found?

“After asking permission from all noble persons and saints, we definitively declare that we have found the Dhammazedi bell,” said a statement from lead organiser San Lin. … Historians believe it was donated to the Shwedagon pagoda in 1484 by the Mon King Dhammazedi, who ruled the southern part of Myanmar at the time.

Who did the Golden Bell belong to?

A golden bell ornament that archeologists believed belonged to a priest or important leader from the Second Temple period, was found in an ancient drainage channel in ruins next to the Western Wall on Thursday, the Antiquities Authority announced.

What is the great bell?

The main bell, officially known as the Great Bell but better known as Big Ben, is the largest bell in the tower and part of the Great Clock of Westminster. It sounds an E-natural. The original bell was a 16 ton (16.3-tonne) hour bell, cast on 6 August 1856 in Stockton-on-Tees by John Warner & Sons.

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What is the summary of the soul of the great bell?

Nearly 500 years ago, the Celestial August and Yung-Lo commanded his greatest bellsmiths and mouders to create a bell that will create a sound that reaches 100 Li. It was spearheaded by Kouan-Yu. They tried to cast a bell twice but gold, silver, brass, iron wouldn’t meld together.

What is the story of the soul of the great bell?

The soul of the Great Bell is a chinese legend by Lafcadio Hearn. This story is all about a young lady who loves her father unconditionally that she sacrificed her life for her father’s sake. Similarly, why it was entitled the soul of the great bell? The metals aren’t compatible with each other.

In which modern day country was the world’s largest bronze bell located?

It was cast on 5 February 1484 by order of King Dhammazedi of Hanthawaddy Pegu, and presented to the Shwedagon Pagoda of Dagon (today’s Yangon, Myanmar).

Great Bell of Dhammazedi.

Location Sunk beneath Yangon River
Material bronze 297,103 kilograms (655,000 lb)
Opening date 5 February 1484
Dedicated to Shwedagon Pagoda
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