Frequent question: When was the first reservoir built in Singapore?

Completed in the late 1860s, MacRitchie Reservoir, situated off Lornie Road, was the first water supply system in Singapore.

What are the 3 oldest reservoirs in Singapore?

Escape to the Reservoirs!

  1. #1 MacRitchie Reservoir. This beauty is the oldest and biggest reservoir in Singapore (completed in 1868), sitting smack dab in the middle of the country. …
  2. #2 Bedok Reservoir. …
  3. #3 Lower Peirce Reservoir. …
  4. #4 Lower Seletar Reservoir. …
  5. #5 The Marina Barrage.

Which reservoir is the newest?

Diamond Valley Lake lies between two mountains in California’s Inland Empire tourism region. The 4,500-acre lake is Southern California’s newest and largest reservoir. It has only been at full pond since 2002 and already has been crowned the “Jewel” of California lakes, with a reputation for excellent …

Where is the largest reservoir in the world?


Rank Reservoir Country
1 Lake Kariba Zambia and Zimbabwe
2 Bratsk Reservoir Russia
3 Lake Volta Ghana
4 Manicouagan Reservoir Canada

Does Singapore have a natural lake?

Following the creation of dam in Sungei Jurong, Jurong Lake was created because of the natural occurrence of a freshwater lake. Now, the lake attributes the Western water sports such as kayaking, dragon boating and more. 5. … Swan Lake is established in 1866 and is located at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Are reservoirs deep?

It can be deep. You cannot tell how deep the water is and there are often sudden drops which you cannot see. Reservoirs are often in isolated places. … The sides of reservoirs are very steep in places, making it difficult to climb out.

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