Does Myanmar have censorship?

Censorship in Myanmar (also called Burma) results from government policies in controlling and regulating certain information, particularly on religious, ethnic, political, and moral grounds. … Burma ranked 151st of 179 nations in the 2012–2013 worldwide Press Freedom Index from Reporters Without Borders.

Is YouTube blocked in Myanmar?

The channels taken down by YouTube include the state network, MRTV, (Myanmar Radio and Television) as well as the military-owned Myawaddy Media, MWD Variety and MWD Myanmar, the platform said. … In December, shortly after Myanmar’s general election, Google blocked 34 YouTube channels linked to the country.

What sites are blocked in Myanmar?

Access to Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter appears to be blocked on multiple networks in Myanmar since early February 2021.

Is there free press in Myanmar?

The print, broadcast and online mass media in Burma (also known as Myanmar) has undergone strict censorship and regulation since the 1962 Burmese coup d’état. The constitution provides for freedom of speech and the press; however, the government prohibits the exercise of these rights in practice.

Why is red and yellow banned in Burma?

The cited reason for the ban — which can’t be verified — is that the cartoon’s prominent yellow-and-red color scheme offended censors. Burma has been notorious for its edicts based on superstition. Perhaps the best-known example is the late 1980s ruling that all currency must be divisible by nine.

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Can we use Internet in Myanmar?

The internet in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has been available since 2000 when the first Internet connections were established. … Despite restrictions, internet penetration continues to grow across the country.

Is Instagram banned in Myanmar?

Social media giant Facebook has banned Myanmar’s military and its affiliates from its platforms. The company said it acted after deciding “the risks of allowing the Tatmadaw [Myanmar military] on Facebook and Instagram are too great”.

How can I use Internet when banned?

How to Bypass Blocked Sites

  1. Use a VPN. The most popular way of accessing blocked internet sites is to use a high-quality paid Virtual Private Network (VPN). …
  2. Use a Smart DNS. …
  3. Use a Free Proxy. …
  4. Use a Site’s IP Address. …
  5. Use Tor.

How can I help Myanmar?

Here are five ways you can help support those on the ground in Myanmar right now.

  1. Donate directly to a local organization on the ground in Myanmar.
  2. Donate to a humanitarian aid organization providing assistance in Myanmar.
  3. Contact your representatives.
  4. Support local journalism.
  5. Educate yourself and others on social media.

Is Twitter blocked in Myanmar?

“All mobile operators, international gateways and internet service providers in Myanmar received a directive on 5 February 2021 from the Myanmar Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) to, until further notice, block the social media platforms Twitter and Instagram,” Norwegian telecom company Telenor said in a …

When did Myanmar get freedom?

On 4 January 1948, the nation became an independent republic, under the terms of the Burma Independence Act 1947. The new country was named the Union of Burma, with Sao Shwe Thaik as its first president and U Nu as its first prime minister.

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How many newspapers are there in Myanmar?

The Myanmar newspapers being published are the Standand Time, Khit Thit, Democracy Today, 7 Day Daily, Daily Eleven, the Voice Daily, Pyidaungsu Daily, Myanamr Times, Myanmar Thandaw Sint, the Vitoria, and evening paper.

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