Does Indonesia have food security?

Indonesia is a middle-income country and trends in economic growth, life expectancy and food security are generally positive, having improved between 2009 and 2016. … Indonesia ranked 70th out of 117 countries in the 2019 Global Hunger Index, with a level of hunger that is ranked as serious.

Why does Indonesia have food insecurity?

Indonesia has been afflicted by an economic crisis since July 1997. The economic crisis was preceded by a long drought associated with El Nino. The result has been a decline in food production, especially rice.

Which country has food security issues?

The ten countries with the worst food crises (by numbers of people) were Yemen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria (northern regions), and Haiti.

Who suffers from food insecurity in Indonesia?

The data show that 25.9 percent of rural households and 14.1 percent of urban households are in the “food insecure” category; 32.7 percent of rural households and 18.4 percent of urban households are in the “vulnerable” category; 16.0 percent of rural households and 28.7 percent of urban households are in the “lack of …

Who is most affected by food insecurity?

Food insecurity rates are highest for single mother households and households with incomes below poverty line. In 2019, 34.9 percent of households with incomes below the Federal poverty line were food insecure. Food-insecure households include those with low food security and very low food security.

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