Does Australia have an extradition treaty with Thailand?

Currently, the following countries have extradition treaties with Thailand: the US, the UK, Canada, China, Belgium, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Fiji, and Australia.

Does Thailand have extradition with Australia?

This Treaty has been inherited by Australia and it has constituted the extradition relationship between Australia and Thailand. … The Regulations will overcome these deficiencies of the inherited Treaty by creating a modem non-treaty extradition relationship between Australia and Thailand based on reciprocity.

What countries have no extradition treaties with Australia?

The absence of an extradition treaty does not, in theory, prevent an arrest and/or extradition either to or from that country.

  • Albania.
  • Argentina.
  • Austria.
  • Belgium.
  • Bolivia.
  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • Chile.

Can you be extradited to Thailand?

Extraditable Offense: Thai law allows extradition under limited circumstances. Countries may seek extradition from Thailand for offenses that are punishable by death or imprisonment of more than one year. Additionally, the infringement must carry a similar sentence under Thai law.

What countries have an extradition treaty with Australia?

With which countries does Australia have an extradition treaty?

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Argentina Hong Kong Spain
Austria Hungary Sweden
Belgium India Switzerland
Brazil Indonesia Turkey
Chile Ireland United Arab Emirates

What countries can’t you be extradited from?

Countries with No U.S. Extradition Treaty

Afghanistan Ethiopia Nepal
Andorra Guinea North Korea
Angola Guinea-Bissau Oman
Armenia Indonesia Qatar
Bahrain Iran Russia

Can you avoid extradition?

Another way of preventing extradition is by challenging the arrest based on probable cause. … If the demanding state cannot show sufficient facts to support a finding of probable cause to believe you committed the crime charged then the extradition proceedings will cease.

What is the best country to hide in?

The Best Non-Extradition Countries For Your Escape Plan

  • Russia, China, and Mongolia.
  • Brunei.
  • The Gulf States.
  • Montenegro.
  • Eastern Europe: Ukraine and Moldova.
  • South-East Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.
  • Island Nations: Maldives, Vanuatu, and Indonesia.
  • Africa: Ethiopia, Botswana, and Tunisia.

Can Australian citizens be extradited?

Australia has extradition relationships with other countries to ensure the effective administration of criminal justice in this country. … For example, extradition is used if a person commits an offence, such as murder, in Australia and flees to the United States of America (USA) before they are prosecuted.

Does Australia have extradition with Turkey?

Australia has an extradition treaty with Turkey, providing for extradition of a person charged with an offence punishable by imprisonment for at least one year.

What crimes are extraditable offenses?

Some crimes which may be subject to extradition include murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking, terrorism, rape, sexual assault, burglary, embezzlement, arson, or espionage. Some of the most common extradition cases involving the U.S. are between our neighboring countries of Mexico and Canada.

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Does Poland have an extradition treaty with Canada?

Poland doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Canada, but it’s party to the Hague Convention, which is meant to expedite the process of returning abducted children.

What countries can you not be extradited from UK?

Ten EU states – Croatia, Germany, Greece, Finland, France, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden – have said they will not extradite citizens who are suspected of committing crimes inside the UK, to the UK.

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