Do apes live in Vietnam?

Primates are found in a range of habitats throughout Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Viet Nam is home to 24 species of primate, half of which are endemic to our region. But sadly, most of them are now threatened with extinction.

Where do monkeys live in Vietnam?

Yes, Vietnam does have monkeys. You will find monkeys in Cuc Phung national park, Yok Don national park, Phong Nha national park and there are more places.

What is the most dangerous animal in Vietnam?

The biggest crocodile in Vietnam is the Saltwater Crocodile, which can grow up to 6 metres! Dangerous snakes are a common sight in the country- be especially aware of Vipers.

Many-banded krait.

Mosquito-borne disease Symptoms
Yellow Fever Jaundice, headache, backache, chills, vomiting

What is Vietnam’s most famous animal?

Asian Water Monitor – this large lizard species can grow to two meters in length. It’s found throughout Vietnam near water sources. Its large size and powerful tail can make it dangerous if provoked. Water Buffalo – the water buffalo is the national animal of Vietnam and can be seen in nearly any rural area.

What is the most common animal in Vietnam?

The following are some of the animals found in Vietnam.

  • Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey.
  • Spinner Dolphin. …
  • Slow Loris. …
  • Red-shanked Douc. …
  • Black Crested Gibbon. …
  • Sunda Flying Lemur. …
  • Orca. …
  • Tiger. Tigers are the largest cats in the world; they can grow to over 11 feet and weigh over 150 lbs. …
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Are there lions in Vietnam?

To satisfy demand in Vietnam, China, and Southeast Asia, lions are killed for their claws, teeth, and bones… to be turned into jewelry, medicine, and even wine. In a horrific incident last November, Vietnamese poachers killed 40 lions in 48 hours.

Are there any predators in Vietnam?

Southeast Asia is also home to aggressive tiger species, leopards, and bears. Those are just the traditional predators. There are also elephants, water buffaloes, and gaurs, giant cows, who will go on a murder rampage that an M-16 isn’t likely to stop.

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