Best answer: Why did the United States fight in Korea and Vietnam Brainly?

The wars in Korea and Vietnam were both part of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. … The United States did not wanted to allow that this two important strategic countries fall under control of the communists, so they decided to get involved and fought wars on both places.

Why did the US fight in the Korean War Brainly?

The main reason is because, during that time, Communism had become an opponent for the democratic government. Thus, when North Korea became Communists, they decided to intervene to undermine Communism and protect the American way of life (during this time period, America was very scared of Communism taking over).

Why did the United States enter into the Korean and Vietnam wars?

The basic idea was that the American’s needed to prevent the first domino from falling (country turning to communism) in order to prevent the spread of communism. As such, historians now argue that the United States used the Domino Theory to justify its involvement in Korea, just as it did in the later Vietnam War.

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Why are the wars in Vietnam and Korea better remembered in the United States than other proxy wars because the United States lost these wars because the United States won these wars because many Americans died in these wars because these were?

Explanation: The United States lost the Vietnam War and caused major problems during the Korean War because, besides driving away the invaders, they also tried to conquest them. … Too many Americans who wanted nothing with the war ended up dead and that’s why those wars are remembered.

Why did the US decide to help protect South Korea Brainly?

They wanted to keep the Soviet Union out of Asia to keep the influence of communism under control to protect the future of American economy.

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