Best answer: Is Indonesia a transcontinental?

Depending on the interpretation of the border, Indonesia and Malaysia can be considered transcontinental states while Brunei, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines are considered wholly on one side or the other, dependent on the boundary definition.

Which countries lie in both Europe and Asia?

Russia and Turkey are transcontinental states with territory in both Europe and Asia.

Is Russia the only country in 2 continents?

Russia is a transcontinental country, a state which is situated on more than one continent. Russia spans the northern part of the Eurasian continent, 77% of Russia’s area is in Asia, the western 23% of the country is located in Europe, European Russia occupies almost 40% of Europe’s total area.

Which sea separates Asia from Africa?

The Isthmus of Suez in eastern Egypt connects the continents of Africa and Asia, and separates the Mediterranean and Red Seas.


Term Part of Speech Definition
open ocean noun area of the ocean that does not border land.
outpost noun settlement or station located in a remote area.

Is Egypt on two continents?

Egypt can be considered both a part of Africa and Asia, though many people identify it as strictly African. The typical dividing point between Africa and Asia is the Sinai Peninsula. It belongs to Egypt; but as part of the Middle East, it’s located in Asia.

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What countries have coronavirus?

Countries where COVID-19 has spread

Country Cases Deaths
United States 36,892,215 634,662
India 32,036,511 429,183
Brazil 20,213,388 564,890
Russia 6,491,288 166,442
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