Your question: Is Okada Manila for sale?

How much does it cost to build Okada Manila?

In 2007, with a total construction cost of about 250 billion Yen and spending 7 years, Japanese billionaire Kazuo Okada established and managed Okada Manila.

Who are the target market of Okada Manila?

We offer a broad mix of services geared to one goal – growth. The Okada Manila in the Philippines has become a target of unscrupulous persons who are trying to take advantage of the desperate need of some to get away for a while and are selling hotel stays at the casino resort.

What makes Okada Manila unique?

It boasts a real white-sand beach, lily pads, daybeds, luxurious locker and shower room facilities for all guests, a UV-protected beach club, a sunset deck overlooking the bay, a 700-sqm butterfly pool, two expansive stages, and five distinct bars offering unique artisanal cocktails for a more modern resort feel.

Is it free to enter Okada Manila?

There is no fee to enter the casino or the mall.

How much is Medley Buffet in Okada?

With all its improvements and safety features, Medley Buffet retains its lunch rates at P1,850 nett and dinner rates at P2,700 nett. A la carte breakfast sets are also available for P550++ for kids and P1,100++ for adults.

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