Your question: Can I buy health insurance in Vietnam?

How much does health insurance cost in Vietnam?

On average, the cost of health insurance in Vietnam is $7,775 – an individual plan is more likely to be roughly $4,038, while a family plan can cost you around $11,512.

Can foreigner buy health insurance in Vietnam?

The procedures for foreigners to get covered by health insurance in Vietnam are similar to those applicable to Vietnamese citizens. According to Article 16 of the Law, a health insurance card may be granted to an insured for use as a basis for enjoying health insurance benefits in accordance with law.

Is there health insurance in Vietnam?

Since its establishment as a communist nation at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, the country has provided universal health care, with most citizens having access to subsidized insurance but also paying out of pocket for some expenses.

Is healthcare expensive in Vietnam?

The cost of healthcare in Vietnam is substantially lower than in other countries. A kidney transplant, for example, might cost $9,000 USD, while it could be $33,000–$72,000 USD in Singapore.

Is healthcare good in Vietnam?

The best medical care in Vietnam is in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, though most medical concerns can be treated competently in many smaller towns and cities. … The quality of care varies considerably; as with most medical care in Vietnam, the public hospitals in the major cities tend to provide the best care.

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Is there private insurance in Vietnam?

As the national health insurance plan in Vietnam is still a work in progress, locals that can afford it tend to arrange private cover. For expats, it is best to invest in an international health insurance policy before arriving in the country.

What type of healthcare does Vietnam have?

The current health system in Vietnam is a mixed public-private provider system. The public system, the largest part, is organized under an administrative hierarchy, with the central level under the Ministry of Health and local levels under provincial and municipal authorities.

Is Vietnam still communist?

Government of Vietnam

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a one-party state. A new state constitution was approved in April 1992, replacing the 1975 version. The central role of the Communist Party was reasserted in all organs of government, politics and society.

What is the best hospital in Vietnam?

Top Hospitals in Vietnam

  • Ho Chi Minh City. Franco-Vietnamese Hospital (FV Hospital) A 100% foreign-owned private hospital is the first JCI-accredited hospital in Vietnam. …
  • Da Nang. Hoan My Da Nang Hospital. …
  • Hoi An. Hoi An Medical Services. …
  • Hanoi. Hanoi French Hospital.
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