You asked: Why does Indonesia have so many endangered species?

Its wild population is believed to total less than 500 animals, with an estimated 150 breeding pairs. One of the most immediate threats to their survival comes from the destruction of critical habitat by the pulp and paper industry as it converts high value rainforests into monoculture pulp plantations.

Why are so many animals endangered in Indonesia?

The greatest threats to survival are poaching, and deforestation by the palm oil, pulp and paper industries. Endangered animals like tigers sometimes strike back, killing illegal loggers and plantation workers. Some Indonesian tycoons and generals keep stuffed tigers as status symbols.

Does Indonesia has the highest number of endangered species in the world?

Indonesia’s extraordinarily abundant and diverse wildlife is particularly fragile thanks to the… [+] Indonesia takes second spot with 583 endangered species but has the highest number of endangered mammals with 191 species listed and the second highest number of endangered birds with 160 listed.

What is Indonesia doing to prevent deforestation?

Indonesia aims to transform its forests into a carbon sink by 2030 by reducing deforestation and increasing reforestation, as the country targets going carbon neutral by 2070.

What can we do to stop deforestation in Indonesia?

One option to prevent further losses is to include degraded forests controlled by local indigenous people in social forestry projects. These projects can benefit local livelihoods, ensure that non-timber forest products are managed sustainably, and help to safeguard degraded forests.

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What country has the most endangered species 2020?

Ecuador has the highest number of endangered species — not because the species there are more threatened but because the country made an intense effort over the last 15 years to evaluate its biodiversity.

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