You asked: Who created Filipino alphabet?

In 1939, Lope K. Santos developed Ang Balarila ng Wikang Pambansa (The Grammar of the National Language). Apart from rules on grammar, it contained the alphabet for the national language – the abakada, named after its first 3 letters.

Who invented the Filipino alphabet?

It was the Spaniards who introduced Western letters to the Philippines. In the 1930s, the renowned scholar Lope K. Santos developed the abakada which is an alphabet representing the sounds in the Tagalog language.

Where did the Philippine alphabet come from?

When the Spaniards arrived in 1521 and began to colonize the islands of the Philippines in 1565, they introduced the Latin script to the Catholicized Filipinos. When most of the Philippine languages were first written in the Latin script, they used the Spanish alphabet.

Is Baybayin and Alibata the same?

Baybayin literally means “To spell”. Baybayin and Alibata are the same thing except that Alibata is the wrong term. It’s also been called Sulat Tagalog and other names but Alibata has stuck.

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