You asked: What is the maximum salary for work permit in Singapore?

To be eligible for applying this pass, you must secure a job in Singapore, a monthly salary of S$2,400 (from 01 October 2020, the qualifying salary for S-Pass will be raised to S$2,500). Additionally, you need to possess a degree or a diploma (a technical certificate of at least one-year study).

What is the maximum salary for employment pass in Singapore?

As a simple guideline, skilled foreign employees holding acceptable academic qualifications (Bachelor Degree and above) and professional qualifications with managerial/executive/specialist experience and who earn a fixed monthly salary of at least S$4,500 (older and more experienced candidates need higher salaries) are …

How much is work permit in Singapore?

Singapore’s Work Pass Fee Increase

Type of Pass Current Fee From 1 April 2019
Application Issuance/Renewal
Work Permit $30 $35
Personalized Employment Pass $70 $225
EntrePass $70 $225

What are the requirements for Work Permit in Singapore?

Work Permit Or Work Visa In Singapore

  • The applicant must hold a valid passport.
  • The applicant must be of at least 18 years of age.
  • The applicant can only work within the scope of work mentioned in the work permits issued by the authorities.
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