You asked: How many Afghan refugees are in Indonesia?

While the United States and Australia withdraw from Afghanistan, there remains 7612 refugees from the war-torn country among those marooned in Indonesia.

How many Afghan live in Indonesia?

Afghan diaspora

Regions with significant populations
Indonesia 13,600 (2019) Afghans in Indonesia
India 12,000-18,000 Afghans in India
Israel 10,000 (History of the Jews in Afghanistan)
Finland 9,667 Afghans in Finland

Where do most Afghanistan refugees go?

Pakistan is not a signatory to the U.N. refugee convention and has urged Afghans to return home. Iran hosts nearly 1 million registered Afghan refugees, in addition to more than 2.5 million who are undocumented or in the country on their Afghan passports.

Is Canada accepting Afghan refugees?

“Today, the Government of Canada is welcoming the first of a number of flights carrying Afghan refugees who provided crucial support to Canada’s mission in Afghanistan. This first group is now beginning their new life in Canada, and we welcome them with open arms.

How many Afghan refugees are there?

There are almost 2.5 million registered refugees from Afghanistan. They comprise the largest protracted refugee population in Asia, and the second largest refugee population in the world.

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Are Refugees allowed to work in Indonesia?

Indonesia currently does not allow asylum seekers and refugees to work or engage in any income-generating activities. The idea is considered too sensitive and would not sit well with the public, whose negative sentiment toward foreign workers has been exacerbated recently because of the influx of Chinese workers.

Does Indonesia allow Refugees?


But Indonesia bars permanent resettlement, and offers few rights: Refugees cannot work or marry, and have only limited access to education.

Can you seek asylum in Indonesia?

If you wish to apply for refugee status in Indonesia, you will need to fill out an RSD Application Form. You and each adult member of your family (18 years of age or above) are required to fill out a separate form, providing a brief summary of why you left your country and why you feel you cannot return.

What is the largest refugee crisis in the world?

Largest refugee crises

Event Date Refugees
World War II (Europe) 1939–1945 11.0–20.0 million (1998 est.)
Partition of India 1947 14.0 million
Bangladesh Liberation War 1971 10.0 million (2008 est)
Soviet–Afghan War 1978–1989 6.3 million (1990 est.)

Why are Afghans leaving?

Afghan refugees are citizens of Afghanistan who were compelled to abandon their country as a result of major wars, persecution, torture and genocide.

What country do most refugees come from today?

Syria — 6.8 million refugees and asylum-seekers

Turkey hosts nearly 3.7 million, the largest number of refugees hosted by any country in the world. Syrian refugees are also in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

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What country has the least immigrants?

According to the United Nations, in 2019, the United States, Germany, and Saudi Arabia had the largest number of immigrants of any country, while Tuvalu, Saint Helena, and Tokelau had the lowest.

Why do refugees leave Iraq?

Refugees of Iraq are Iraqi nationals who have fled Iraq due to war or persecution. Throughout the past 30 years, there have been a growing number of refugees fleeing Iraq and settling throughout the world, peaking recently with the latest Iraq War.

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