Why is formula milk so expensive in Singapore?

The lack of alternative sources of supply of formula milk products besides the authorised distributors of formula milk manufacturers in Singapore limits the extent of price competition for the same brand in the market.

Why is formula milk so expensive?

Baby formula is so expensive because there is a lot of research that goes into creating a high-quality substitute for breastmilk. Marketing and the huge amount of formula purchased through government-subsidized programs such as WIC, meanwhile, also keeps the retail price artificially higher than it would be otherwise.

Is it illegal to reduce the price of baby formula?

The law prohibits ‘special sales’ or ‘any other special activity’ by a retailer to promote the buying of an infant formula. Reducing the price of formula milk is not allowed under the 2007 Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula Regulations. … They are treating the law as a joke.

Is formula richer than breast milk?

Formula and breast milk look very different; formula is creamier and looks richer than breast milk. This may lead you to believe that formula is more nutritious for your baby, but that’s not the case.

Why do formula companies say breast is best?

“The old adage of ‘breast is best’ is true — the primary reason is that formula doesn’t contain the gold mine of immunity boosting antibodies from mother,” Dr. Kecia Gaither, OB-GYN and director of perinatal services at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln in New York City, told Healthline.

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Is reselling baby formula illegal?

You are permitted to sell any baby formula you have acquired legally and not through government programs like WIC (it is a violation of Federal regulations to attempt to sell or gift formula that was obtained through the WIC Program).

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