Who were called colons in Vietnam?

The French people living in Vietnam were referred to as ‘colons’. In Vietnam, French colonialism lasted more than six decades.

Who were called colons ‘?

The French people who lived in Vietnam were called or known as ‘colons’. French colons were the colonial settlers of Vietnam, then also known as Cochinchina.

Who called colons in Indo China?

In Indo China, French citizens living in Vietnam and other colonies referred themselves as Colons.

What do you understand by colons in history?

History. The word colon comes from the Greek term kōlon, meaning a part of a verse or clause, or more literally, part of a limb, particularly a leg. … Houston said the punctuation mark originated, ultimately, during the third century B.C., in the Hellenic Egyptian city of Alexandria.

What were the two bases of colonial economy in Vietnam?

The two bases of the colonial economy in Vietnam were rice cultivation and rubber plantations.

What were ur called?

The settlements of peasants were called as ‘ur’.

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