Who is the Queen of Thailand 2021?

listen)), born Suthida Tidjai (Thai: สุทิดา ติดใจ; 3 June 1978), is the Queen of Thailand as the fourth wife of King Vajiralongkorn.

Is there a Queen of Thailand?

Sineenat is Thailand’s royal noble consort, a title given to a companion of the king who is not his wife. She is the first person named to that position in nearly a century. At a time of unprecedented ferment against Thailand’s monarchy, she and her unusual role have been thrust into the spotlight.

Does Thailand have two queens?

The playboy Thai king has reportedly made history by making his mistress the country’s second queen, despite previously jailing her for ‘disrespecting’ the current queen. King Maha Vajiralongkorn, 68, crowned Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi on Tuesday, her 36th birthday, Bild reported.

How many wives does King of Thailand have?

He has been married four times and has 20 mistresses.

Why is Thai king so rich?

Compared to other centuries-long monarchies around the world, MacGregor Marshall said the Chakri dynasty’s wealth did not stem from an “ancient fortune”, instead, most of it came from assets amassed during the 20th century. Much of this stems from land and real estate holdings.

Is a consort a wife?

The spouse of a ruling king or queen is called a consort. In British royalty, the wife of a king is called a queen consort, but the husband of a queen is called a prince consort, not a king consort.

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