Which fruit is only grown in Malaysia?

Which fruit Cannot grow in Malaysia?

Here is a brief list of some of them:

  • Mentega. Originally from the Philippines, the mentega tree (also known by names like mabolo and selarat) is very rarely planted in Malaysia, except as a shade-providing tree. …
  • Melinjau. …
  • Kuning telur. …
  • Bacang. …
  • Nam nam. …
  • Sentul. …
  • Salak. …
  • Mundu.

What is the most expensive fruit in Malaysia?

Mono Premium Melon is a wholly Malaysian owned endeavour focused on locally farmed muskmelons. The fruits are grown from the seeds of Arus muskmelons — considered the most expensive melons in the world — that are sourced from Japan.

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What foods grow in Malaysia?

Oil palm, rubber, cocoa and rice have been and continue to be the major crops grown by the private and public sectors. However, other crops such as coconut, tropical fruits, vegetables, flowers, annual crops etc., are being grown by the smallholders and the private sector.

Can oranges grow in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, we only can find common fruits such as oranges, limes and bananas. … Some fruit trees doesn’t need a lot of place to grow, they can be easily planted in Pots.

What are exotic fruits?

Exotic fruits are that which are not native and that are cultivated outside, available at their place of origin. Some exotic fruits are tropical.

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