What kind of music is in Singapore?

Hindustani and Karnatic music are two forms of Indian classical music that may be found in Singapore. Other forms of music that are popular are Bhajan and Bhangra music, and professional Bhangra troupes may perform at festivities and special events.

What are the vocal instrument of Singapore?

The Vocal and Instrumental Music Program

LowerElementaryPre – Year2 SecondaryYear6 – Year12
Violin* – Suzuki
Viola* – Traditional
Viola* – Suzuki
Cello* – Traditional

What is the traditional dance of Singapore?

The traditional dance forms of the Malay communities in Singapore are wide-ranging and diverse, and they include zapin, joget, asli and inang, amongst others. Most of these traditional dance forms were already popular in Singapore during the early 20th century.

Who wrote our Singapore?

“Majulah Singapura” was composed in 1958 by the late Encik Zubir Said. Then Mayor of the City Council of Singapore, Mr Ong Eng Guan, approached Encik Zubir Said to write an official song for the City Council to commemorate the newly renovated Victoria Theatre. It was first played by the Singapore Chamber Ensemble.

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