What kind of ecosystem is found in the Son Doong cave?

But all of that isn’t even close to everything Son Doong has to offer — this fascinating cave system has its very own rainforest, the Garden of Edam.

How did the rainforest grow inside the Son Doong cave?

The caves of Hang son Doong were created by water percolating down from the rainforest above and carving the rock. In a part of the cave the roof has collapsed and a rainforest has grown inside the cave – an example of the plant kingdom’s remarkable ability to colonise wherever there is light.

Do animals live in the Son Doong cave?

Son Doong Cavern is contained within Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Within the park, more than 500 vertebrate species have been identified, as well as hundreds more invertebrates. … Several species of bat, which are very likely candidates to inhabit Son Doong, call Nha-Ke Bang home.

What animals are in the Son Doong cave?

Birds, flying foxes, rats, snakes, squirrels, and monkeys, have been discovered underground; and seven new species of eyeless, white creatures (think scorpion, spiders, shrimp, and fish) have been found there. You can weave your way through the world’s largest cave system for $3,000.

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