What is the use of windmill in the Philippines?

The Philippines is actually one of the largest wind power generators in the ASEAN region. While many people use the term windmill and wind turbine interchangeably, they’re actually different. Windmills help pump water and grind grain very similar to a water wheel.

Is wind energy good in the Philippines?

Wind power in the Philippines makes up a small percentage of the total energy output of the Philippines. The country wind energy sector has significant potential and could provide up to 76GW of power.

What is the main benefit of windmills?

Wind turbines don’t produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain, smog, or greenhouse gases. Wind is a domestic source of energy. The nation’s wind supply is abundant and inexhaustible.

Why do you think Philippines can be the potential biggest wind energy farm?


Proximity to a coastline and elevation make the country very rich in wind resources, according to Zubiri. “We have plenty of potential wind farms because we are a mountainous archipelago. Our many islands provide us an extensive coastline with good elevation,” he said.

Does it get windy in the Philippines?

the Philippines has some very humid months, and high humidity throughout the year. … Wind in the Philippines is usually calm. The windiest month is January, followed by December and February.

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Is there wind energy in the Philippines?

“The 150MW Burgos wind farm in Ilocos Norte is the biggest wind farm in the Philippines.” The first phase included the installation of 29 wind turbines and the construction of a wind farm substation, 13.6km access roads and a 42km overhead transmission line. The remaining 21 turbines were installed in the second phase.

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