What is the meaning of Jub in Thailand?

What does Jub mean in Thai?

jub. kiss. kiss is used in Thai. The word jub is used in Thai meaning kiss.

How do you say kiss kiss in Thai?

Thais use จุ๊บๆ /júp júp/ for the sound that a kiss makes. You can say “kiss kiss” to your cat, your mom, your lover, your baby or spouse.

Is Jub a word?

noun obsolete A vessel for holding ale or wine; a jug.

What does Rak Na Jub Jub mean?

‘Jub jub’ is kiss kiss same meaning as ppo ppo in korean. It’s kinda of Love you xoxo but you say jub jub to make it cute in thai.

What does Jing Jing mean in Thai?

The root word is จริง, which means ‘true’ or ‘real’. จริง Jing1. If you repeat the word twice, it means ‘really! ‘, ‘seriously‘, or ‘I’m telling the truth.

What is Chan Rak Khun?

I Love You (Female Speaker): Chan rak khun (ฉัน รัก คุณ)

This is the most basic, simplest and somewhat formal way for saying it.

What do we call jab in English?

A jab is an injection of something into your blood to prevent illness. [British, informal] …painful anti malaria jabs. Synonyms: injection, vaccine, vaccination, inoculation More Synonyms of jab.

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What does JUP mean?


Acronym Definition
JUP Jugend Umwelt Projektwerkstatt (German: Youth Environmental Project Workshop; est. 1991)
JUP Jornal Universitário do Porto
JUP Joint Underwriting Plan (Insurance)
JUP Joint Underwriting Participation (insurance plan used by Hawaii)

What does jab mean in slang?


Meaning Injection
Type Slang
Rank ★ ☆ ☆ Uncommon
Usage General (not just online)
Comments Jab is a British word that refers to an injection. It is similar to getting a “shot” in American English.

How do you say goodnight in Thai?

ฝันดีนะ (fan dii na) is a commonly used wording to say “good night” in Thai. It can be used amongst family members, couples, and friends.

Informal: Good Night In Thai

  1. ฝัน (fan) – dreams.
  2. ดี (dii) – good.
  3. นะ (na) – a particle that can be added to the end of a sentence as a softener.
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