What is the legal working age in Cambodia?

The Committee notes the Government’s information that the minimum age for employment or work in Cambodia is 15 years, and that in all the circulars and documents being issued by the Government, such as in the National Plan of Action on the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour (NPA), the minimum age of 15 is …

Is child Labour illegal in Cambodia?

The government has established laws and regulations related to child labor (Table 4). However, gaps exist in Cambodia’s legal framework to adequately protect children from the worst forms of child labor, including the minimum age for work and prohibiting the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Is working at 14 illegal?

What age can I start work? There is no minimum age to start casual or part-time work in NSW. However, you have to be 14 and 9 months to do door-to-door sales work.

What is the age limit of child Labour?

The ‘Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act’ makes it illegal for children under 14 years of age to be employed in factories, including 16 ‘hazardous occupations’ and 65 ‘processes’.

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What industries employ children the most in Cambodia?

Agriculture. In a study by Edmonds in 2001, 73% of economically active Cambodian children worked in the agricultural sector. The United States Department of Labour reported some of the tasks the children have to do in the agricultural sector.

How many children are in child Labour in Cambodia?

Although Cambodia is emerging as one of the brightest economic growth stories of Southeast Asia, over 313,000 children are trapped in the worst forms of exploitation such as drug trafficking and prostitution.

Can a 14 year old work at rebel?

Rebel (and other Super Retail Group stores like BCF and SuperCheap Auto) follow state government age requirements. … Supre follows the state government age requirements. Woolworths and Big W sticks with the old 14 years and nine months, although you have to be 15 years in Victoria and Tasmania.

How much do 14 year olds get paid at McDonalds?

Typically a 14 year old person would get paid a rate of $10 or a little more during the working week. In addition to this, the older you turn the more your rate increases either by a few cents or dollars. A 14 year old would average around $150 for a 12 hour week.

Can my son work at 14?

Generally, speaking children 13 years old or younger may not work in California, except in some limited situations. Youth who are 14 and 15 years old may work in a broader range of jobs, but are significantly limited in the number of hours per day and per week they may work, especially when school is in session.

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Is a 16 year old a child?

The answer to this question in international and domestic law is clear: a child is anyone under the age of 18. … They were also frequently denied other rights afforded to children in the criminal justice system, with many being treated the same as adults.

Can I employ a 16 year old full time?

Young people can start full-time employment as soon as they leave school, which is on the last Friday in June of the year that they turn 16 years old. … If a young person starts a full time job at 16 they will still need to complete at least 280 guided learning hours a year in education or training.

Can I employ a 17 year old full time?

Young workers aged 16 to 17 may not ordinarily work:

more than eight hours a day or 40 hours a week. There is no opt out of this as there is for adults.

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