What is special branch in Royal Malaysian Police?

The Special Branch or SB (Malay: Cawangan Khas) is an intelligence agency attached to the Royal Malaysia Police. The SB is empowered to acquire and develop intelligence on internal and external threats to the nation, subversive activities, extremist activities and activities of sabotage and spying.

What is the difference between Special Branch and MI5?

Special Branch is the British police force which works mostly for the security services, especially MI5. It has had various changes of name, while its function has stayed much the same. Under British law, MI5 officers are not permitted actually to lay hands on members of the public. …

What is the full form of SP in police?

Superintendents of police are the officers of either State Police Service or Indian Police Service. They are the district head of non-metropolitan districts in India. They are also the incharge of a large urban or rural area in a district where a senior superintendent is the district head.

Who is the DCP of Hyderabad?


Name of the Officer Rank email Id
Sri Avinash Mohanthy, IPS Dy Commissioner of Police, (D D) dcp-dd-hyd[at]tspolice[dot]gov[dot]in
Sri P.Viswa Prasad, IPS Dy Commissioner of Police, (Central Zone) dcp-cz-hyd[at]tspolice[dot]gov[dot]in
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What is CT intelligence?

CTIC collects, analyzes and disseminates both criminal and terrorism-related intelligence to law enforcement officials throughout the state, and pertinent vetted information to authorized and appropriate agencies within the first responder and private sectors.

Does MI5 work with police?

Law enforcement agencies

MI5 works closely with the 43 police forces across England and Wales, particularly their Special Branches. The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) co-ordinates a nationwide network of specialist police advisors who may be contacted via local police headquarters.

Why are they called Flying Squad?

The Mobile Patrol Experiment was given authorisation to carry out duties anywhere in the Metropolitan Police District, meaning that its officers did not have to observe Divisions, giving rise to the name of the Flying Squad because the unit operated across London without adhering to divisional policing boundaries.

How is Nim used in policing?

The NIM is a business framework which provides structure in a police investigation to process information and turn this into actionable intelligence. … The NIM allows information to be processed through different points of the decision-making cycle, generating intelligence to act on (Police ICT, 2019):

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