What is in Vietnamese tea?

There are many popular herbal teas in Vietnam. Some of them are artichoke tea, made either from flowers or stems of artichoke, chamomile, jasmine and lotus flower tea and ginger tea. Herbal tea can be drunk hot and cold and sweetened.

What is Tra Nong tea?

Thai Iced Tea (Tra Sua Thai) Authentic Thai tea is made of orange-dyed black tea mixed with a bit of sugar, sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk. It can be served either hot or cold.

Is tea from Vietnam safe?

A massive amount of milk tea in Vietnam’s major cities is produced using fake ingredients, with health specialists agreeing that these unidentified additives only contribute to other side-effects of long-term milk tea consumption, such as obesity, kidney failure, and even infertility.

Do Vietnamese drink tea or coffee?

The most popular drinks in Vietnam include fresh juice, beer, coffee, and tea. Each drink is usually enjoyed in a unique atmosphere. Beer is often drunk on the weekends and evenings, usually during or after dinner, and flows freely.

Is Lime good in tea?

Lemons and limes are good additions to many hot or cold drinks. For example, a person can add chunks of lemon or lime to water to make citrus water, or they can use lemon or lime to flavor teas. Due to their high acidity, these citrus fruits are also effective at killing bacteria.

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Does Vietnamese lotus tea have caffeine?

Lotus tea contains no caffeine.

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