What is emergency call in Indonesia?

OTHER EMERGENCY RESPONSE NUMBERS: Dial 113 for Fire Department. Dial 115 for Search and Rescue (SAR) Dial 123 for Police. Dial 129 for natural disaster command center.

What country has 112 as emergency?

What are the emergency response telephone numbers in foreign countries – police, ambulance, etc.?

Country Ambulance (Cell) Fire (Cell)
Germany 112 112
Gibraltar 999 999
Greece 112, 166 112, 199
Hong Kong 999 999

Is 911 the same in every country?

If you’re in an emergency situation abroad, you’ll need to know how to contact the police, an ambulance, or even the fire department. Not every county uses “911” as its emergency contact number, as we do in the United States. … Write down—or save in your cell phone—the number used at your destination.

What happens if you call 112 by mistake?

112 is only for emergency assistance. If you call the number for another reason, it is considered abuse (if you do it intentionally) or misuse (if you do it accidentally). Abuse of the emergency number is a criminal offence.

What happens if you say 112 to Siri?

112 is the European equivalent of 911. So if someone from Europe is in the United Srates, and asks Siri to call 112, Siri understands that they have an emergency and automatically calls 911 instead.

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What happens if you call 911 in Singapore?

What happens if you call 911 in Singapore? Understanding that many people are used to calling 911 in an emergency, all 911 calls using an international phone will be automatically routed to 999 in Singapore.

Which country has 911 emergency?


Country Police Notes
Saudi Arabia 911 Police – 999; Ambulance – 997; Fire – 998; Traffic police – 993.
Singapore 999 Mobile phones – 112 or 911; Non-emergency ambulance – 1777; Police hotline – 1800 255 0000; Traffic police – 6547 0000.
Sri Lanka 119 Traffic police – 112 691 111.
Syria 112

What happens if you call 911 in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, the numbers 999 and 112 both connect to the same service, and there is no priority or charge for either of them. Callers dialling 911, the USA’s emergency number, may be transferred to the 999 call system if the call is made within the United Kingdom from a mobile phone.

How do you call the police in Bali?


  1. Main Emergency = 112 (like 911)
  2. Ambulance = 118.
  3. Search & Rescue = 111, 115, 151.
  4. Police = 110.
  5. Fire Dpt. 113.

What is the police number in Indonesia?

Who to call and what to say in the event of an emergency in Indonesia…

Police – General Emergencies Tel: 110 / 112 (SMS 1717)
Ambulance and Rescue Tel: 118
Fire Tel: 113
Medical Emergencies Tel: 119
Tourist Police (Bali) Tel: (0361) 754 599 / (0361) 224 111

What do Indonesian phone numbers start with?

Other Important Information about Indonesia

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Indonesia’s telephone numbers are made up of 11-13 numbers split into groups of 3. So if you’re going to make a call to Indonesia using a mobile phone, you should dial country code+area code+7-8-digit number.

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